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DaTuner is a simple, responsive chromatic tuner. It's designed to "Just Work."

DaTuner (Lite) is an all-purpose, precise and responsive chromatic tuner for all instruments with a very simple interface. DaTuner converts the fundamental frequency to the nearest note and error in cents for quick and easy tuning of your guitar, ukelele, violin, bass, cello, mandolin, piano, harp, saxophone, balafone, motorbike timing belt, wheel spoke, harmonica, kazoo, you name it.

Not worth five stars? Please email me and let me know why! I can not improve it if I don't know what to improve! Thanks!

DaTuner displays nearest note and octave in a giant, easy to read font in the center of the screen, and the fundamental frequency in Hertz is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Error in cents is shown graphically at the bottom of the screen. Microphone sensitivity is auto-adjusted, but can also be adjusted by touch via a bar on the left-hand side of the screen, and the speed/accuracy of the algorithm and the relative frequency (if other than 440Hz, for orchestra tuning and transposition) can be adjusted via the menu.

There is no "dead zone" with DaTuner; instead, the whole display turns green when the incoming frequency is within a configurable range of the target frequency and you can still see small changes in pitch even within the "in-range" area.

1.) Reference frequency adjustment for orchestra tuning.
2.) Auto-Sensitivity - no configuration required.
3.) Bright, easy-to-read display.
4.) Quick, accurate and precise. < 0.3 cents @ E3 (329.62Hz), <0.1 cents @ C5(1046.5Hz), < 1 cent @ A2 (110Hz)
5.) No dead zone - screen changes to green when tuning is good.
6.) Ad-free!


New features on the way in are tested first in the 'beta' version. Feel free to try that one if you don't mind frequent updates and perhaps a few extra crashes, and a feature set that might change a lot from update to update.


-- twitcheyness: try increasing the averaging time.
-- lagginess: try decreasing the averaging time.
-- or switch the algorithm to "responsive"
-- Signal strength bar sometimes has a low refresh rate. This doesn't seem to happen in the beta or donate versions, and I am working on it.

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